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how to stop getting shin splints from running

So you’ve decided to get back into exercising and set out on a run. Halfway in, you are met with an excruciating pain in your lower legs that lingers for days. You might have shin splints. What are shin splints? Shin splints are a sharp, painful sensation in your lower leg that is usually brought […]

Sticking to Routine During Changing Times

Picture it: you have finally settled into the perfect routine – you’re eating healthy, hitting the gym, and getting enough sleep, and it feels great. Then, the big change hits. You’re moving, or starting a new job, or your hours are changing. Maybe the change is even super exciting; your family is welcoming a new […]

Is This Good Yet? tfc Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Produce

Picking the right produce can be daunting! Nobody wants to drop a pretty penny on produce, only to take it home and realize it’s not ripe when it’s needed or that it rots far too quickly. So how do you know you’re picking the best produce? We’ve compiled all the research & facts in one […]

3 Tips to Get You Back on Track

been slacking on your fitness routine lately? no worries, we got you!! 💪🏼 we all fall off the wagon, so first off – don’t beat yourself up!! fitness is about making healthful lifestyle choices, which means honoring yourself with balance, rest, and times of celebration! ✨ 3 simple ways to get yourself back on track: […]

the calendar that changed my life

I don’t know how, but for some reason I am caught off-guard EVERY SINGLE NIGHT about what to make for dinner. It’s as if, EVERY DAY, I forget that I need to eat, and by the time I get home from work I am already starving and have no idea what to make for dinner […]

May Group Classes!

Join us for our May Group Classes! We will offer 1 Orange County class (Saturday morning) and 1 virtual class via Zoom (Sunday Morning). Please take note of the sign-up deadlines listed. We can’t wait to work out with you! Saturday, May 21st @ 10 AM:Kickboxing Cardio 🥊Fountain Valley Mile Square Park sign-up deadline: Friday, […]

Changing the Way You Goal-Set through SMART Goals

Have you ever been really excited about a goal or the idea of achieving something, but then eventually the excitement wears off or life gets chaotic and you have to push that dream to the back-burner? Or maybe you’re tired of feeling like you have the same New Year’s Resolutions year after year, but never […]

9 Exercise Myths Debunked by a Certified Personal Trainer

Chances are you’ve heard these myths everywhere from the office to the gym to last Thanksgiving at your grandma’s. Some of these age-old sayings are so prevalent that we have come to accept them as truth – but which ones (if any) really deserve our attention? 1. THE MYTH: You need to stretch before a […]

new nutrition services available!

We are thrilled to expand our current services to now include nutrition options! We will be offering the following services, starting Monday March 28th: Grocery Store Tours smart shopping habits picking the right produce choosing the best cuts of meat seafood selection when to buy organic Cooking demonstrations 3 meals made with you in your […]

5 Workout Acronyms You Might Not Know

OMG, lol, brb, ttyl! Have you ever been walking through the gym and heard an acronym that made you go wtf?! Don’t worry, it’s not just you! Personally, I love a good acronym! But there are SO many out there, and it gets hard to keep up; so here is a quick roundup of some […]

6 Tips to Handle Burnout

We’ve all been there – feeling exhausted, unmotivated, trapped, and ready to give up. Struggling with burnout is no joke! BUT, we don’t have to stay there. When you start feeling the signs of burnout creeping in, the best thing you can do to combat it is to face it head on. Below are our […]

the fitness cult Mission Statement

I truly value fitness – not only for its health benefits, but also as the activity itself, not to mention the myriad of other benefits it can represent. I wanted to take my passion and appreciation for fitness and manifest it in a community full of diversity, encouragement, and fun! These values are absolutely paramount to me and to my business, our culture, and our clients; and with that, I crafted our mission statement

March Group Classes!

Join us for our March Group Classes! We will offer 1 Orange County class (Sunday), 1 Inland Empire class (Saturday), and 1 virtual class via Zoom. Please take note of the sign-up deadlines listed. We can’t wait to work out with you! ☘️ Sunday, March 13th @ 10 AM:90’s Dance Aerobics 🦋Mile Square Park sign-up […]

tfc Love Yo Self February 2022 Challenge!

Thank you for joining our 2 week February fitness challenge, all about loving your body & yourself 🤍 The challenge is to complete 10 workouts in 15 days (starting Valentine’s Day and ending on the last day of the month) – and to make it easy for you, we have 12 opportunities to work out […]

tfc New Year, Who Dis? 2022 New Year Challenge!

Congratulations on taking this amazing step to become the best version of yourself in 2022!! We are SO thrilled that you are joining us for our 2022 New Year, Who Dis tfc New Year Challenge – we know you are going to absolutely crush it! The challenge is to complete 22 workouts in 31 days […]