group classes

Group classes are currently offered one to four times a month and are available to register for through our schedule page.

Group class pricing will vary (from $6-12), although we are happy to offer a free group class for every 5 purchased sessions!

how to stop getting shin splints from running

So you’ve decided to get back into exercising and set out on a run. Halfway in, you are met with an excruciating pain in your lower legs that lingers for days. You might have shin splints. What are shin splints? Shin splints are a sharp, painful sensation in your lower leg that is usually brought […]

Sticking to Routine During Changing Times

Picture it: you have finally settled into the perfect routine – you’re eating healthy, hitting the gym, and getting enough sleep, and it feels great. Then, the big change hits. You’re moving, or starting a new job, or your hours are changing. Maybe the change is even super exciting; your family is welcoming a new […]

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