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How to Take Your Measurements for Weight Loss and Strength Training Programs

tfc Guide on What to Measure, When to Measure, and How to Measure and Get the Best Before & After Photos Do you ever feel like your scale must be lying to you? You have been working so hard at your new exercise routine and were excited at the progress you were seeing at first, […]

should I work out if I’m sick?

With the school year back in full swing, fall weather beginning to take over, and flu season approaching – and fast! – you may have started to feel that tell-tale tickle in your throat creeping up. Nobody likes to be sick and left feeling miserable; whether it be a common cold, seasonal flu, viral infection, […]

how often should you be working out your abs; and other core ponderings

Ah yes, the dreaded ab-day. We all love to hate working our abs, but still want that six-pack! But the question remains: how much ab-work do we really have to do? How often should I work my abs? Most strength training days should include your abs! We love to sneak core-strengthening exercises into all of […]

how to stop getting shin splints from running

So you’ve decided to get back into exercising and set out on a run. Halfway in, you are met with an excruciating pain in your lower legs that lingers for days. You might have shin splints. What are shin splints? Shin splints are a sharp, painful sensation in your lower leg that is usually brought […]


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