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before & afters

Starting weight 01/26

175lb / BMI 29.12

Weight at 7-week program-end:

153lb / BMI 25.46

Overall the 7 weeks I met with Kailey were great she knew what she was doing. I definitely saw results within the 3/4 weeks which get me so excited. I saw an extreme Jean size within the 6 weeks!!! She makes sure she analyzes you before anything so she knows what works for you best!! Over all I got to say this was a great experience I definitely give her a 100% and will be scheduling more sessions soon 😊😊😊😊😊

kailey is such a sweet and awesome trainer! she is very patient and gives multiple alternatives to each workout, making sure you are comfortable the entire time! she puts so much effort into her business and is truly a great teacher!

– tully t from Yelp 11/28/2021

It looked easy but man! Kailey kept us moving though, right through the workout. By the end of it I felt energy, I felt alive! Definitely recommend

– edwin p from Yelp 01/16/2022

Kailey is such a great trainer she’s always saying positive things to keep you motivated. She’s great at what she does I was feeling sore with the first session we had. Over all I think I made the right decision by choosing her to help me with this journey

– jessica v from Yelp 02/03/2022

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